Helping the ants

The book gnome came to Kate and Julie and said:
Dear girls, one of my good friends asked me to help him. It is a good ant Ferda who lives in the anthill and takes care of everything there. Nowadays they have big problems there – they have many new babies nad too few nannies to look after them. Come please and help them.
The girls agreed so they followed the gnome to the redchair, sat on and immediately they occured in the middle of the anthill.
There were many ant babies crying, so they gave milk to them and put them to sleep. Then they helped to tidy up all toys and prepared other milk.
Ferda offered them a tour though the ant hill, explained and described the life there.He also devoted a book to them full of stories from his life outside and in the anthill.
The girls then returned back to the library looking forvard to reading about Ferda (Ondřej Sekora) and his friends.

Colour the picture:

Watch a story from the anthill:

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