Our picture dictionary

Our picture dictionary

We tried to create our spoken dictionary in the languages ​​of all partner countries. We tried to choose words that are easy for small children. And also words common with books. Now you can create your own picture dictionary. Children will learn the words from spoken dictionaries of partner countries. Then they'll write these words under pictures in their dictionaries.

Click on the link above the document and print it for all your students. Students will write words into the dictionary. They'll write words which they will learn from our videos. Then they will create their picture dictionary. So let's do it!  We are looking forward to your picture dictionaries!



Our picture dictionaries


Pupils today completed their picture dictionary. Last week they started with Czech and Polish words, and today they wrote Slovene words. We had a lot of fun. On Friday we’ll have a classroom competition. Now, children learn vocabulary at home, because everyone wants to be a winner. We are looking forward to the competition!

Viktorka's dictionary:

And this is Viktorka's dictionary in another form

Class competition 
On Thursday we had class competition. Children were asked to write ten words from our vocabulary in English, Czech, Polish and Slovenian language. They did it perfectly!
The best ones got nice stickers. We've confirmed what we have learned.



The Czech Republic

Our picture dictionary

We are learning and writing the words:


Let's learn new words

We've already discovered a lot of words connected with books in four languages: English, Czech, Slovakian and Slovenian. We tried to remember as many as it's possible. We're glad, that Slavic languages have words which are exactly the same. It helps us a lot during learning. See the short movie from our exercises.

Dominik's picture dictionary

We learned words connected with books in four languages: English, Czech, Slovakian and Slovenian. Let's check if we still remember them.  

We created games and plays for you , they will show which words do you remember.

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