Slovakia: Pigs Budkáčik and Dubkáčik

4th story

Girls had very funny with the story about the dog and the cat. Kate even began to read and she very laughed with a fairy tale how the dog and the cat were cooking the cake together.

 When she was reading a book gnome stopped her, because the ghost Kníhdupák wanted to catch him. He was angry that the book gnome does not want to show him a book about two little pigs. Julie already has heard about them. These two pigs are called Budkáčik and Dubkáčik and this book was written by Jozef - Cíger Hronský. They are funny stories about two funny pigs and Kníhdupák does not like them. He wanted to find and destroy the book!

Therefore Julie decided that she finds this book and hides it before Kníhdupák. Kate told her that she help her. Try it too? Can you help them?

Your task: 
Search for words. Then you can go to the library. Lend a book Dubkáčik and Budkáčik - you'll rescue them before Kníhdupák.

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