The Ending

Girls, so busy with books, didn't notice that outside there was getting brighter. Exciting reading was interrupted by the book gnome, who said:
- Soon there will be morning, so I have to say goodbye to you two. In the library there will be readers, who will take place of gnomes and ghosts. I'm curious if you liked meetings with book characters and our journeys through their worlds?

Girls shouted together:
- It was fantastic! We will never forget those adventures.
- And you, Kate, what do you think about reading now?
- I didn't know that reading is fun, and books hide such great adventures. (See why)

As soon as the librarian comes, I will take "Anne of Green Gables", "Satan from the 7th grade", "Maťko and Kubko" and "Danka and Janka".

- And I'm taking - added Julie - "Series of Unfortunate Events", "The Legend of Spud Murphy", "I had a dog and a cat", "Budkáčik and Dubkáčik" and "Ferda Mravenec".

- So, you won't be bored in next few days I suppose. I will dissapear in a moment, but firstly I will tell you one more secret. I will leave you with a magical bookmark. If you ever had a wish to get back to the world of books, take it in your hands and think about me. Do you want to know, what will happen next?
- Yes, sure! - answered Kate.
- Let's try, then.

As they all touched the magical bookmark, they moved to a strange hut full of books. Some of them were really old and covered with dust, some were brand new with shiny covers.

- That is the magic house on a tree. Sometimes children like you come by - they are siblings: Jack and Annie. When they discovered this place they loved the story of dinosaurs. On one of the pictures Jack saw a pteranodon during a flight. He touched the picture with his finger and said "I wish I could see him flying". As he did that, the house trembled, spinned, and the children moved to the era of dinosaurs. If you want to know the rest of their adventures, read the series of books called Magic Tree House - Mary Pope Osborne.

-Great, I wish I could do the same.
- You will be able to travel, but under one condition: you have to do it together and only once. Later the bookmark will become just a piece of paper.

Girls rushed to check all the books and didn't even notice as the gnome snapped his fingers quietly and dissapeared. On the place where he was standing on, little flickering stars appeared. There were more and more of them. Shortly the whole house was shining with colourful lights. Stunned with the beauty and very exhausted, girls sat on a couch and fell asleep. In the morning they woke up in their beds and, amazed, on their night tables found lists of books to take from the library.

Before lessons they visited the library to take the books and as soon as they got there, the librarian gave Kate the bookmark saying, that she had found it in a book which yesterday the girl came to the library with.

What do you think, what will the girls do?

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