Poland: In The Reptile Room

Only just when Kate and Julie managed to get back from their journey to Green Gables, the book gnome brought them another guest. That was Violet Baudelaire, one of main characters from A Series of Unfortunate Events, a series of books written by Lemony Snicket.

Violet is the oldest among her siblings. She has a younger brother Klaus and a sister Sunny. Violet has a talent to construct inventions, which help her and her siblings in tough situations. Her recognition sign is a tape, which she ties her hair with.

Violet approached the girls. She smiled a little bit. She took them by their hands and pulled them in the direction of the red chair, which engagingly jumped and twisted on one leg. As everyone sat on it, in one moment the library changed into Uncle Monty's house.

Violet said, that she took friends in the place, where she feels well and most comfortable, almost as in real family. The guardian of Baudelaire family was at the moment dr. Montgomery Montgomery - herpetologist. His passion were reptiles. He had a huge collection of snakes gathered in The Reptile Room and was still planning a research trip to Peru.

Violet introduced the girls to her sister Sunny and brother Klaus. She showed them Incredibly Deadly Viper, which, despite the name, was really humble and made friends with Sunny.

How do you imagine an Incredibly Deadly Viper and Sunny? 
Paint them HERE.

The children told Kate and Julie about their misery: the loss of their parents and another guardians, which cared only about their huge wealth. Together they walked around The Reptile Room and met Uncle Monty, who invited them to have a cup of hot chocolade.

Tired friends shut their eyes for a moment and when they opened them, they were in the library again. Curious about tough lifes of Baudelaire siblings, they agreed to read every part of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you want to be with likeable Baudelaire siblings for a little while longer, 
go HERE and play.

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