Poland: A meeting with Anne

The book gnome invited girls to such place in the library, that they haven't ever been in and they didn't even know about its' existence. There was a lot of bookshelves filled with old books there. In the middle stood a red chair.

Smitten Julie shouted:
- Look - how many books!
Disappointed Kate grunted:
- Why to read if you can watch a movie instead...

Julie noticed her favourite book "Anne of Green Gables" L.M.Montgomery. She took it in her hand, and the gnome said:
- Sit on the chair, it's big, you'll both fit.

When the girls sat down, Julie said:
- Some day I would like to meet Anne of Green Gables and to see Canada - the country of her origin.

That was the moment, when unbelieveable thing happened. On the cards of the book a shadow of Anne appeared. It was growing little by little and finally became Anne Shirley. The red-haired character took the girls by their hands and in a second they relocated on Prince Edward Island, right in front of her home.

Anne showed to girls her house and her favourite places. They met Anne's best friends - Diana, and were even able to see Gilbert Blythe from a little distance. Anne talked about her biggest failure - she was trying to get rid of her plaits which she hated and she painted her hair green.

She took them to the Ghost Forest and to a glade full of violets. Girls laid on a grass to smell the flowers and, as they opened their eyes, they were back in the library again, and on the red chair there is the gnome waiting for them.

Curious Kate decided to borrow the book "Anne of Green Gables" to discover further adventures of Anne.

Now go HERE and play with Anne from Green Gables.

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