Once upon a time, somewhere in Europe, in a school library, an unusual happening took place. A group of students decided to check, what's happening in the library at night. Children have heard, that during this time ghosts use to appear, characters come out from books and the library becomes a magical place.

They spent in the library a few hours on joyful games and plays, but nothing weird happened. A little bit dissapointed, a while before midnight, they got home. But not everyone.

Two best friends, Kate and Julie, had hidden earlier in a corner and had a little gossip talk. They haven't noticed that everyone had already left, and the librarian had locked the door. As they discovered that they are alone, it was too late. They were screaming and knocking, but nobody heard it.

The clock chimed midnight and something weird happened. The girls heard a rustle behind their back. They carefully looked behind bookshelfs and saw a book gnome, which was strolling between the shelves. Shyly they approached to him and that was when he spoke.

- Don't be afraid, it's fine you're here. Finally someone new. Every night I meet the same characters. Let me show you some interesting books.

Kate, who wasn't really into reading, answered:
- What for? They are all boring anyway.

On the other hand, passionate book lover Julie was very glad. The gnome said:
- Wait, maybe you'll change your mind. We start a magical journey through different books. Feel invited.


We also invite you to the magical journey in the world of books. Each part of our book is about another characters and different adventures. Have fun.

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