Slovakia: Frightened Kate and Julie

2nd story

Kate and Julie find themselves alone in the library. There was only darkness and silence ... After time they saw a little stars. They were all around them. And the stars gradually changed on various monsters. Girls know the ones that made with their friends from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in their Lexicon - for example Zobitriočko, 48 očko chlpaté, mummy, Dlhozubec, Kníhdupák, Knihomňam and the others. They were afraid and Kate started screaming and shouting that if all the ghosts disappear, so she’ll begins to read books.

Suddenly they heard a fight of two girls. There appeared also a book gnome and lit up. Before them stood two exactly the same girls. They were called Danka and Janka. Everyone fell silent, ghosts disappeared and twins Kate brought the book Danka and Janka from writer Mária Ďuríčková.

They told her that if she read a story about Gevenducha then she’ll understand why ghosts disappeared. Kate said thanks and she started to read.

Your task:
Try to get pieces with monster in the righ place:     preview

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