Poland: A contest for the most interesting bookmark

Today we announced the contest for the most interesting bookmark. The organisation is held by group of five students - eTwinners from 4th grade. The organisators visited every class of our school's youngest students (grades from 1st to 3rd). They invited them to participate in the contest, introduced them to the rules and answered all of the questions. The contest will last until 15th May. Later, children will judge the applications and choose the best ones.

Maybe you would like to join us? Feel invited.

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The school contest ended 

On Thursday we ended the school contest for the best bookmark. We received 85 applications and the jury had really difficult task to choose the best one among them. All of the bookmarks are beautiful, students put a lot of effort in making them. Although the jury had to make a decision and reward some of them. Debates were stormy, but finally we managed to select winners. We will tell about them on Monday. As for now it's a surprise.

Later we scanned all of the bookmarks so you can admire them. 

Our bookmarks

Award ceremony

On Thursday we awarded winners of the contest for the best bookmark. See the best works and us in action.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

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