Polish night in the library

After almost half-year-long implementation of our project we decided to check how does the library look like at night.

On 8th March, at Friday's late evening, we met in the school library and during a 3-hour-long fun we discovered that during night the library is even more interesting. Characters are coming out from their books, ghosts, witches and bats are flying all around, and, above all, reading and solving literature quizzes makes a lot fun.

The meeting started from night traveling through whole school, lightning it only with our flashlights. We were listening to all the quiet sounds and searching for smallest lights that came through the windows.

After coming back to the library our literature game began. We completed 10 tasks. We were searching for missing characters and their properties, clearing up the titles and solving charades, drawing witch's cottage with our eyes covered, biting off wafers to create ghost shape from them, embalming a mummy and adorning a fairy. After reading a coded password - the key - we finaly got to the treasure keeped by the biggest ghost.

Our night meeting was ended with a theatre of shadows.

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