Slovakia: The day of folk fairy-tale

16 March 1828 was born Pavol Dobšinský. Our town library in Humenné prepared competition A day of folk fairy-tale for pupils of primary schools like the remembrance of this teacher, writer, publisher and collector of folk fairy-tales .
Our task was to read fifteen tales of Dobšinský from the list between 1 to 15 March. The theme was stories about animals. Every read fairy-tale pupils wrote in their reading books. We drew the illustrations from some of the tales.
On Friday we went with students from 1.C and 2.C to the library. Here we were welcome aunt librarian. First we talked about Pavol Dobšinský. Then she began to read fairy-tales. Our task was to write a name of fairy-tales on paper. Our answers will be evaluated later.
Finally aunt librarian was reading some songs, proverbs, sayings and games for children from Pavol Dobšinský. In this way thank you very much to Vihorlatská library Humenné for this perfect action.

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