Have great holidays!

Soon there will be holidays. We wish everybody to rest wonderfully, to have amazing adventures and to go back to school with a head full of ideas, passion and energy to work in another projects. Carefully look around, take photos of interesting places, observe and look for ideas for future cooperation. See you in September. 

Our project - summary


June summary

In June, as we had planned, we finished our project. It's also time of many thanks, wishes and greetings. Czech and slovak students exchanged letters and souvenirs. Slovenian group came up with an idea of packing an interesting book into a holiday backpack. Surely there will be time for reading during holiday trips. 

In June, with great joy, we took part in polish and slovakian eTwinning contests summary. Our project was named one of the bests in our countries. It took 1st place in Poland, in category of primary schools and in Slovakia 3rd place in the country. The group of polish students spent wonderful three days in the capital - Warsaw and participated in the awarding ceremony, presenting the project to everybody who attended the conference. Similar ceremony took place in Slovakia

Thank you everybody for great cooperation, huge commitment, creativity and enthusiasm. The project's success is our mutual achievement. We are an exceptionally harmonious team. I hope we will work together in the future again. Ahead of us there are many mutual enterprises as succesful as this one.


3rd place in Slovakia

We are very happy because our project got 3rd place in the competition for the best eTwinning project in Slovakia. The awarding ceremony takes place 27 June in Žilina. Thank you all for your great work on the project - thanks belongs to all teachers and pupils.


The best in Poland!

Our project was named the best in Poland among primary schools!

The awarding ceremony was held in Warsaw, on 7th and 8th June. Our work was considered as exemplary and the project regarded as exceptionally attractive and innovative. We won first place and got great awards. We presented the project on the exhibition and on a slideshow. Our six-person representation spent unforgetable time in sunny capital - Warsaw. We were able to see the city and had fun in Copernicus Science Centre. It was great.

 We would like to thank you very much for your work, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. It is our mutual success. I'm sure, that together we will implement many other great projects. We are big!